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Cogeco HD Channels using Built in ATSC/QAM Tuner

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Hello to all,

I'm new to the HDTV World (ain't christmas great!).

Heres whats happening - my TV has an ATSC Tuner, and when I scan the cable I get a whole bunch of SD (480i) and 1 HD (A&E HD @ 720p) channel.

Looks like the same channels as basic cable?

They are sitting @ 87-X, 89-X and 90-X

As far as I'm concerned its all good - I just haven't seen any other posts on this?

Just curious about whats happening, is this a cogeco service that is supported - or is it just there? or will it go "poof" and disappear someday?
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Sorry about that - I have a Insignia 42" LCD - NS42LCD.

Thats what I understood about ATSC tuners as well.

According to FS/BB specs (no longer online?) it doesn't have a QAM tuner. Not that FS would ever be wrong about something :)

If it does have a QAM tuner I'm curious why I'm getting A&EHD - I would expect that it would be encrypted?
Hmm..didn't find HDNet - have to look again.

I have a number of channels found at 84-# that have a signal - but come-up as invaild with no picture - they must be the encypted ones.

Glad the SD channels are available - because analog cable really stinks.

Looks like the TV has a undocumented QAM tuner!

1 - 3 of 149 Posts
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