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For what it's worth, here at the East Hamilton, Stoney Creek boarder, we are on a digital HD Promo. I very recently (like a few days ago) did a QAM cable scan. The QAM channels, were cryptically numbered, didn't follow any order, and had all of the channels that you'd get with the top tier of analogue on QAM streams mixed in with music channels. There used to be other channels that weren't part of the analogue package that showed up, and a lot of them now don't decode, obviously encrypted. And that first scan was roughly a year ago. So, this only amplifies 57's remarks pertaining to the fact that QAM is very dynamic, and I wouldn't base a buying decision on QAM channels that a person might get in your area. It could all change tomorrow..... Literally.

For Cogeco, "Digital Basic" gets all the analogue channels of the top analogue tier, and a few extra channels, plus access to Pay-Per-Use content that is offered via the required STB.

Hope this helps.

1 - 1 of 149 Posts
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