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Cogeco HD Channels using Built in ATSC/QAM Tuner

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Hello to all,

I'm new to the HDTV World (ain't christmas great!).

Heres whats happening - my TV has an ATSC Tuner, and when I scan the cable I get a whole bunch of SD (480i) and 1 HD (A&E HD @ 720p) channel.

Looks like the same channels as basic cable?

They are sitting @ 87-X, 89-X and 90-X

As far as I'm concerned its all good - I just haven't seen any other posts on this?

Just curious about whats happening, is this a cogeco service that is supported - or is it just there? or will it go "poof" and disappear someday?
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I guess it's different in Milton than in Oakville....

It's just frustrating to scan through all the digital channels and not knowing what channel you are viewing...

Anyone have a complete channel list for straight COAX into the TV tuner for Oakville? Thanks in advance.
Try this

You'll need to change the country and put in a postal code. It should pop out the channels and sub-channel listing with call letters for your area that are ClearQAM. It will also show you what channels people are getting over the air digital. Just select the correct channel listing from the drop down that will pop up.
Respectfully, the link I provided was intended for ClearQAM. The HDHomerun website has an additional dropdown list at the top of the webpage and you can select from either "Cogeco Cable" OR "Digital Antenna.

IMHO, the link I provided was on topic. Sorry.
1 - 2 of 149 Posts
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