Less than six months after it increased the price of its digital cable and telephone packages, Cogeco has announced it will increase the price of its internet service at the beginning of October.

The price increase varies by customer - depending on what level of internet service they subscribe to and what other digital services they have bundled with their internet service - however, Digital Home readers have been reporting increases of as much as $4 per month.

For example, the base price of the High Speed Internet Standard package will increase from $56.95 per month to $60.95. A typical Cogeco customer with a bundle of services including Cable TV, digital phone and High Speed Internet will be paying about $8 a month more for their services than they did six months.

In addition to announcing its third price increase in 2011, Cogeco also informed customers they will have to pay substantially more if they exceed their monthly bandwidth cap.

Subscribers to the Lite, Lite Plus and Standard packages (now known as the Express 4, Express 8 and Turbo 14 packages respectively) will now face a maximum overage charge of $50 per month, up 66% from the previous maximum of $30 per month. Ultimate Subscribers now face unlimited overage fees, up from a maximum of $50 per month today.

On a positive note, Cogeco also announced that it will increase download speeds on two of its packages (Lite and Lite Plus) and up the monthly bandwidth caps on all packages by at least 33%.

The following chart highlights the non-pricing changes to the Cogeco Internet Packages. Cogeco customers should check their email to learn the exact pricing change for their internet package.

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