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Code 015

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Newbie here,
Woke up Sunday to watch football, turned on TV saw this code. No storm etc and now it`s been over 24 hours.
Transponder keeps searching, not detecting any switches. I have dual lnb with SW44 hooked up to 2 tvs and receivers, one HD and one standard. Everything worked fine Saturday.

Any help would be great without having to pay $75 for a tech to show up and charge me to change my SW44 if that happens to be the problem.

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no if he is renting the recievers then the sw44 is replaced free of charge ( 75$ charge still applies unless he is credited) if his whole system is purchased bell includes the first sw44 with installation, if you purchased more then 4 recievers then they will charge you the 150 for the 2nd 44
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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