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Code 015

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Newbie here,
Woke up Sunday to watch football, turned on TV saw this code. No storm etc and now it`s been over 24 hours.
Transponder keeps searching, not detecting any switches. I have dual lnb with SW44 hooked up to 2 tvs and receivers, one HD and one standard. Everything worked fine Saturday.

Any help would be great without having to pay $75 for a tech to show up and charge me to change my SW44 if that happens to be the problem.

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The fact that it is a problem that both receivers have now, I agree with Pinza it would be switch or power supply/inserter.
Before ordering any new equipment, try to isolate the problem, by hooking one receiver directly to one Lnb, no switch only one cable. If no signal, check to see if your dish is still there, I heard of someones dish being stolen.
If there is signal, then test the power supply with a multimeter, voltage should be about 21 volts, and the same of the output of the power inserter.
Let us know how it works out.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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