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Code 015

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Newbie here,
Woke up Sunday to watch football, turned on TV saw this code. No storm etc and now it`s been over 24 hours.
Transponder keeps searching, not detecting any switches. I have dual lnb with SW44 hooked up to 2 tvs and receivers, one HD and one standard. Everything worked fine Saturday.

Any help would be great without having to pay $75 for a tech to show up and charge me to change my SW44 if that happens to be the problem.

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Bell ExpressVu Error 015


FYI, this information is straight from Bell.

I have posted it here because Digital Home's email is being inundated with people asking me (and not Bell) to activate their smartcard or how to activate their smartcard or how to deal with problems.

If The instructions here don't help or you have questions or additional problems then I recommend you call Bell.

This pop-up message appears when you have placed your new SmartCard into your receiver but don't have current software. To ensure the SmartCard is activated successfully, your receiver software version must be above E600 or V200, depending on the model of your receiver. Failure to activate your SmartCard(s) will result in an interruption of your programming within a short period of time.

1. Identify your receiver's current software version:
a. Press the MENU button on your remote control.
b. Press 6 to select System Set-up (on a 1000 model, press 1).
c. Press 1 to select Installation (on a 1000 model, skip this step).
d. Press 3 to select System Info (on a 1000 model, press 5)

2. If the software version is lower than E600 or V200, you'll need to update your software. To do so, re-insert your old SmartCard and allow for the receiver to restart and for your programming to return. Once the receiver has turned back on, turn off your receiver by pressing the Power button on your remote control. The software will update on its own within a few minutes. Check to see if the software is up to date by performing step 1 again.

3. If your receiver software version is above E600 or V200, you're ready to activate your SmartCard(s). To do so, use our online tool and have your letter handy. You should be able to view your programming within 15 minutes of reactivation. In unusual cases, this could take up to 2 hours.

4. If you have activated your SmartCard(s) and, 2 hours later, cannot view your programming, please visit our activation tool, select the receiver with which you're having difficulty and follow the troubleshooting steps. If that doesn't solve the problem, call Bell.

If you're receiving or seeing this pop-up message and haven't received your SmartCard mailer then call Bell.

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