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I say my brother-in-law over the weekend. He lives in Island Lakes, and has ultimate. He was having trouble with the PVR freezing on recorded HD programs when watching them on a SD TV.

I was having the same problem, the fix at my house was that they replaces all of the coax cable in my house. After that every thing worked fine.

At my brother-in-laws house, it was to be the same fix. But because he has a two story, it was going to be difficult to run new coax in. He said MTS installed some kind of converter boxon the end of the coax run. The small box has Cat5 coming out of the box and goes to the VIP1200.

Has anyone else had theis done?

It sounds like the box is more then just a converter, because if the bit rate is not fast enough on the coax cable, the box must store info and then release it. If it is just a converter, does that mean MTS VIP1200 boxes have a flaw in the HPNA input? So buy using the same cable, but using the network input and not the HPNA input everything is good?
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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