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When my (Rogers) cable modem was installed, I wound up with excellent work. The first guy who showed up wanted to staple the coax to the baseboard. In my condo, the TV outlet is at one end and my computer at the other, so he'd have to have gone around 4 doors to do it. I refused and then a two man crew arrived and they took 3 hours to fish the cable along air ducts, over ceilings etc., until the cable went through the wall in a closet in my "computer room". They even pulled in a couple of pieces of CAT5 while they were at it. After they were done, they patched the cuts in the drywall. The only place where the cable is visible is where it runs across the top of my laundry room, along side an air duct, and where it comes out into the closet. All in all, an excellent job.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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