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Coaxial cable to Cat 5 cable converter box

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I say my brother-in-law over the weekend. He lives in Island Lakes, and has ultimate. He was having trouble with the PVR freezing on recorded HD programs when watching them on a SD TV.

I was having the same problem, the fix at my house was that they replaces all of the coax cable in my house. After that every thing worked fine.

At my brother-in-laws house, it was to be the same fix. But because he has a two story, it was going to be difficult to run new coax in. He said MTS installed some kind of converter boxon the end of the coax run. The small box has Cat5 coming out of the box and goes to the VIP1200.

Has anyone else had theis done?

It sounds like the box is more then just a converter, because if the bit rate is not fast enough on the coax cable, the box must store info and then release it. If it is just a converter, does that mean MTS VIP1200 boxes have a flaw in the HPNA input? So buy using the same cable, but using the network input and not the HPNA input everything is good?
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its probably just a coaxial to rj45 balun. i have one of these, even bellus expressview for condos used them at one point
let's hope the rj45 to coax converter does the trick, they cost about 25 bucks per convertor times 2, so in order for MTS to spend that 50 bucks per customer definately means there's some kind of issue with using the coaxial port on the motorola's.
Something is definitely up with the current boxes and coxial cabling. I know have I done a lot of experiments with different cables in the past six months or so. Just moved into a new house that had CAT5 and brand new coxial run to each tv and the installer wanted nothing to do with the coxial, go figure.

It seems the installers know what is going on, the educated users know what is going on but the offical corporate line remains that there is no issue. I would not be surprised if this comes down to cost, especially the labour for running CAT5 through a finished part of a house.
Not sure that the "Offical corporate line remains that there is no issue" is entirely accurate, since in my case they acknowledged there was an issue, and came out twice to replace lines and splitters. With other's getting converter boxes I would think that is is a pretty good indication that MTS knows there is an issue that something needs to be fixed.

I know my wife is very happy she can now use the skip button again....
They are definitely aware of the problem. I'm guessing they're probably working to quickly remedy the situation as they don't like having to roll trucks. Seems to me they're always trying to limit those costs.

Who knows, we may get told soon to use cat5 all the time. That would suck for us, as the installation time would skyrocket.

I think the biggest issue is the quality of the coax and/or connectors. I always make sure my HPNA tests pass before I leave (which is what we're supposed to do anyway) but a few people I've talked to who transferred their Ultimate to another house said that the original installer was either rushing or didn't run the test or whatever.

I wish people took more pride in their work.
I wish people took more pride in their work.
Tell me about it, ah the joys of piece work..unfortunately when a job is piece work, very often it doesn't work out in the customers favour! When I got my ultimate service installed the installer was doing such a poor job that I ended up doing most of the cabling myself while he stood back.
When my (Rogers) cable modem was installed, I wound up with excellent work. The first guy who showed up wanted to staple the coax to the baseboard. In my condo, the TV outlet is at one end and my computer at the other, so he'd have to have gone around 4 doors to do it. I refused and then a two man crew arrived and they took 3 hours to fish the cable along air ducts, over ceilings etc., until the cable went through the wall in a closet in my "computer room". They even pulled in a couple of pieces of CAT5 while they were at it. After they were done, they patched the cuts in the drywall. The only place where the cable is visible is where it runs across the top of my laundry room, along side an air duct, and where it comes out into the closet. All in all, an excellent job.
coax to cat5 converter

a update is on the way ...the coax input on the settops doesnt handle fast forward and skip functions as well as the cat5 input , the cause is not due to a limitation of the coax , its the settup of the coax input patient if you have this type of symptom on a settop other then the PVR
That is interesting information crowbar36. Might you be able to share some more details on how you were able to determine the issue is with the coax input and not the cables?
When you say be patient, is that an indication that a fix is under development which does not require cat5 or a hardware swap?
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