CloudFlare, a website optimization provider, recently added its first Canadian data centre location in Toronto and plans to boost business in the Canadian marketplace.

CloudFlare's co founder, Michelle Zatlyn, said Canada is already one of the firm`s top-10 markets based on both traffic to its network and websites using the service.

CloudFlare, based in San Francisco, provides cloud-based software programs which accelerates and secures websites. The CloudFlare system operates like a content delivery network (CDN), namely delivering content from the location closest to the visitor resulting in speedier loading time, while blocking threats and keeping bots and crawlers from wasting bandwidth.

A number of Canadian Web hosting providers including Vexxhost and HostPapa are already employing the service as well as thousands of Canadian websites including Sleep Country, CanaFlora and Rail Canada Vacations.

Railgun is the latest innovation, which features CloudFlare's technology that significantly improves the speed of traffic between a Web hosting provider and CloudFlare's network.

"On average, Railgun will improve the performance of previously uncacheable content sent from the origin server to CloudFlare's network by more than 700 percent. Railgun is available directly through CloudFlare to our Business and Enterprise customers," said Zatlyn.

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