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Let's see if I have any clue about this stuff.

First, these media box things.

Are they just an EASY way to see a variety of media on a TV?

If I had a bedroom and family room setup would each TV need a box? If a guy already had his laptop (with a remote control/wireless keyboard) connected to his TV what benefits would the box give me? I see a common interface/access method but other than that what do I really get?

Now, for storage. I gather hdtv uses a lot of disk space. I've read it uses from 3-8gb/hour. What's the real scoop? I also read that there's no encoding done, the mpeg-2 stream from the tuner is written as is to the disk. Does that allow easy DVD creation? Having an mpeg-2 stream to start with?

How do you guys back up your media servers? If you've got terrabytes of music and videos are you prepared to lose it all if you have a serious crash?

I was thinking of having 3x1.5tb disks in some sort of raid (for safety, not performance) to store all my media. Anyone have experience with unraid? It looks like a cheap way to protect my media.

Lots of questions.....
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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