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I can't believe they didn't switch to Clorox Tablets! Nyuk nyuk nyuk...

Anyways, this situation is further proof that the days of traditional corporate IT departments are gone. With desktop PCs the IT department has traditionally held almost fascist power over platforms, apps, and gear. "You want Linux? Beat it, geek!" or "Mac OS X? Get outta here, artsy-fartsy!" while they are still struggling with rolling out Windows 7 long after it was released.
topherpaquette said:
IT departments are just going to get slammed when something happens.
With mobile phone providers carrying the support workload the IT department doesn't have such a heavy burden, and IT no longer defines or dictates a standard set of OS/Apps/gear as long as the new mobile device works properly with corporate systems. Thus the opportunity arises for workers to actually have a choice. I'm all for it. :)
1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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