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None of this surprises me, ask a classroom full of kids what they would choose and they would pick iphone.

The tech savy are the ones picking the android phones. ITs a matter of time, Android does not have the head start that apple has.. And i still have to explain to friends what android is, When i show them what it does they are amazed.. Sort of like when HD and Bluray first came out... You had to show it to them to xplain it ;)

I agree Angry birds will get hit hard from those employees. The smart Android users have all 3 versions for free loaded already :)

I think this was stupid move for a corporation to make. Allowing your employees to choose from what could amount to be 50 or so phones is ridiculous. When something goes wrong they are dealing with 3 to 5 OS's right now. Wish my company would do this... but i would still think its silly. The 3 OS are not created equal how does the company deal with this?
1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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