Just one week after it received CRTC approval, CKVU Digital television has gone live over-the-air (OTA) in Vancouver on digital channel 10.1.

Digital Home readers first reported the station was on-air early Tuesday afternoon.

The new HD television station, owned by Rogers Broadcasting, is simulcasting the same programming currently on the analog version of CKVU-TV.

Vancouver's CKVU  is part of the City-TV network which was purchased by Rogers, along with four other City-TV stations, from CTVglobemedia in 2007.

CKVU is the fifth Canadian digital over-the-air station in the Vancouver and surrounding area. The other four digital stations are: CBUT, CHAN, CIVT and CHNM.

The new transmitter will operate on channel 47 with an average effective radiated power (ERP) of 4,300 watts (maximum ERP of 8,300 watts with an effective height of the antenna above average terrain of 670 metres). Through the Program and System Information Protocol (PSIP), digital television receivers will display CKVU-TV’s virtual channel as 10.1.

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