Rogers Media has announced the launch of the Citytv iOS app featuring local Toronto news, weather, sports and traffic information.

Digital Home attempted to review the app but, at the time of writing, the app had not appeared on the iTunes Canada app store.

Rogers says the app will deliver news and weather videocasts throughout the day as well as provide users with the to share their own stories with the CityNews room by uploading videos, photos, news tips and stories.

The CityNews app is the third Citytv app released by Rogers in the last year. The other two include Shorts in the City and Citytv video.

Unfortunately for iOS users, Rogers Media insists on users downloading all three apps rather than simply combining the three into a single CityTV app.

iOS users in Toronto looking for regional news and information before the Rogers app reaches the iTunes store may also want to consider the recently released CBC News App.

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