Interested in finding out more about the actual quality of your Internet service? Read on.

This month, the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) announced the beginning of its national program to support Canadian communities in measuring, assessing, and monitoring local Internet performance.

The first two locations to participate in the program are the Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia and Stratford, Ontario.

How does it work? CIRA has created a customized Internet Performance Test for both the Annapolis Valley and Stratford, which allows users to test their Internet connection and contribute to a comprehensive Internet performance dataset for their community.

According to the authority, CIRA's Internet Performance Test is built on the globally recognized M-Labs testing technology, with test nodes across the country.

The test operates independently from any major Internet Service Provider network, ensuring unbiased measurements and data. It uses a custom heat-map interface to provide insight into the relationship between geography and connectivity, isolating performance by ward, neighbourhood, or county.

To launch this new service for Canadian municipalities, CIRA is rolling out custom testing portals for up to ten communities across Canada.

Want your area to participate? Interested municipalities can contact CIRA for more information on how to take part in the project. The hope is that collecting data will enable municipal leaders to determine where they need market or policy interventions to ensure sufficient broadband access and performance.

"Policy makers know that it is tough to change what we can't measure,” says Terry Dalton, President and CEO of i-Valley , a not-for-profit movement to create Smart Regions and Communities in the Annapolis Valley and around Nova Scotia.

“CIRA has the infrastructure in place to help us understand the state of connectivity in the Annapolis Valley region as it is experienced by citizens and businesses every day.

As we help our community build the tools it will need to compete in a global digital market, this data will help us understand the gaps and where we need to focus."

Users in the Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia can access their custom version of the test here:

Users in Stratford, Ontario can access their custom version of the test here:

To find out more information about CIRA's national Internet Performance Testing program, go to .