The Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) reported it has crossed the two million mark for registered .CA Internet domain names.

While it took 21 years to achieve the first million, just four years were required to get to the second million.

It's quite fitting that the milestone comes on the 25th anniversary of the founding of the .CA domain.

"When we started the .CA domain (in 1987) there were only a few thousand computers on the Internet - in total - and no one thought it would ever be so pervasive," says John Demco, one of the .CA domain founders.

"Now Canada leads the world in the amount of time its citizens spend online, and while the Internet from a technology perspective doesn't concern itself with nationality, Canadians strongly identify with .CA domain names and the registration of two million .CAs is proof of that," he adds.

Leora Rissin, a retired teacher from Toronto, Ontario, registered the two-millionth .CA domain name, Rissin will use the website to promote her new small business, a bed and breakfast near High Park.

Incidentally, the first .CA domain name registered was in 1988 by the University of Prince Edward Island.

CIRA notes that .CA is the fourth fastest-growing Internet domain name registry and the 14th largest worldwide compared to other country specific domain names like .uk (United Kingdom).

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