Cineplex Store customers have more digital home video options thanks to the UltraViolet service introduced on January 10th.

The free, cloud-based digital locker service lets consumers access their digital movies both at home and on-the-go, across a variety of apps and services, including PCs, mobile devices, smartphones, connected TVs and Blu-ray disc players.

Also, since films are stored in the UltraViolet cloud, it eliminates the fear of losing your collection through crashed drives or other disasters.

Cineplex, which released UltraViolet in the US and the UK in late 2011, says it is the first retailer in Canada and the only motion picture exhibitor in the world offering this service.

"We believe the best way to experience a movie first is on the theatre's big screen, but when you want to see it again, UltraViolet gives you the added choice and flexibility to watch movies whenever and wherever you want," said Ellis Jacob, President and CEO, Cineplex Entertainment.

In addition to traditional DVD, Blu-ray, and digital rental formats, movies from several Hollywood studios in new and classic releases will now be UltraViolet-enabled (at no extra cost) and contain a digital PIN Code to be entered into a users account.

Once a movie has been added to an UltraViolet Collection, users can stream it over the Internet or download it for offline viewing.

Cineplex notes that UltraViolet titles can be shared among six household members and as many as three users can stream movies at one time, with no restrictions on the number of downloaded movies that can be watched simultaneously.

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