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Just looking for thoughts and ideas. Currently using a Denon AVR-3310CI as an AVR (front sound stage powered by a three-channel Audio Refinement (YBA) amp) so any AVR only needs to power the rear surround channels.

Disappointed in the 3310 and a little sour on Denon as a result. Most recent problem is a fried network card, a known and documented issue with the 3310/990 and yet little help from Denon (not particularly appeased by the notion of it spending several weeks in for servicing).

I'm considering replacing the 3310 and then selling it after I get it repaired (or using it in our secondary system). Replacement requirements:
  • 5 or more HDMI inputs (and at this stage should be 1.4)
  • Network Connectivity for audio streaming and internet radio
  • 12v triggers (2)
  • high quality video processor from ABT or Marvell (no Faroudja)
  • Pre-Outs

Nice to haves, but not deal breakers, would be 6.1 external inputs and two-way control over IP.

Amp section only needs to drive the surround speakers so there isn't any real advantage to stepping up to a Class D unit like the SC-27/37 from Pioneer. Onkyo/Integra are not being considered because of the heat they put out (especially since amplification is not an issue). The two units that jump out at me as being right in the wheelhouse of what I'm looking for are the Pioneer Elite VSX-32 and the upcoming Yamaha RX-A2000. Any thoughts on either (and I know the RX-A isn't out yet ... but higher end Yamaha in general)? Anything else I should consider?
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