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Check your DVRs - Scheduled Recordings Gone..

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There was a power surge on Rogers Friday around 5PM. Internet access was down for about 3 hours.

When I checked my DVR, all of the "all episode and timeslot" scheduled recordings were gone. The "one episode" ones were still there. I programmed them all back in and it seems to be fine.

I don't know which areas were affected, but make sure you check the scheduled recordings in your DVRs.

Luckily, I keep a list (spreadsheet) of my "usual" recordings/channels/times, etc. So putting them back only took about 5 minutes. Weird that only the "all episode and timeslot" recordings were affected.
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nathan said:
I could be wrong, but as far as I know, functionally, they should be almost identical now (with all the little 'issues' intact between them, such as the one you mentioned). However, the 8300 is *MUCH* faster, and more responsive than the 8000. It pains me to use an 8000 after using an 8300 for so long.
Well my 8000HD recorded it just fine, off the HD TMN channel. And I programmed it about a week ago (using the all episodes in this time-slot option). But I haven't had any of these recordings drop that I've heard about lately.

Though for stuff that is only on once a week, I almost always record a second copy in a different time-slot just in case (mostly if there is a power failure or something the first time it is on).

And I find the 8000HD speed just fine ... I'm sure if one got used to a faster unit, then one might think it is slow ... but it is nothing compared to when that horrid Wink application was running!

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