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Check your DVRs - Scheduled Recordings Gone..

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There was a power surge on Rogers Friday around 5PM. Internet access was down for about 3 hours.

When I checked my DVR, all of the "all episode and timeslot" scheduled recordings were gone. The "one episode" ones were still there. I programmed them all back in and it seems to be fine.

I don't know which areas were affected, but make sure you check the scheduled recordings in your DVRs.

Luckily, I keep a list (spreadsheet) of my "usual" recordings/channels/times, etc. So putting them back only took about 5 minutes. Weird that only the "all episode and timeslot" recordings were affected.
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JohnnyG said:
That's a good idea, but it should be totally unnecessary!!
I think it's understood by now that 57 is a Scientific Atlanta apologist who lets them get away with a not-so-stern 'It's an annoyance, but it's really OK', when in fact, it's not. (it's not! Nooooo! Scientific Atlantic is people! Scientific Atlanta is people! ...or is that Soylent Green?)

I just don't understand how this box can languish this long without these problems being resolved.

Now that it's 'rerun' season I'm not as worried about it as I used to be, but I missed plenty-a-show during the regular season because of this stupid box. (STUPID BOX!)

I hate this box and would gladly investigate another option if one were available to me...which it's not. Grrr...

JohnnyG said:
just complain about it endlessly
That's the path I've chosen. It doesn't seem to work all that well now that I think about it. :)

JohnnyG said:
You'd think the groundswell of complaints would beat SA into submission!
I think a lot of people just don't notice it like we do. I had a friend who I tried to explain the problems with the box to, including the infamous 'kick-out' bug, and she swore up and down hers didn't do it. And I was ready to bet her $1000 bucks that it did. She would not listen to me at all. Anyways, it turns out, surprisingly enough, I was right. Her exact words were 'you were right, I was wront'. I remember those words correctly because the amount of times a woman has said that to me in my life is exactly one time. ;)

And it's not like SA is pumping out new products either which are taking up all their development time. They have the 8300 series (HD or otherwise) and the 3200 series (HD or otherwise) which are basically their two big lines... but both have been around for quite some time...there have been minor functionality improvements (the MR models specifically) but nothing that I can see as a major leap in a product cycle. So I don't really understand why they're not doing anything about these issues.

At some point, choice will come to the masses, be it via cablecard or some other standard, and these bugs specifically will steer me the hell away from SA. It's also the major reason why I haven't, and won't buy an 8300 series... I'm not going to invest that much money in something that they obviously have no intention of supporting.

Meh. Oh well.
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57 said:
This is not true. I understand how things work and understand that there's nothing in this world that's perfect. This is especially true of equipment that relies on software/firmware to operate.
Absolutely, but these problems, especially ones as 'big' as the SA bugs, should be rectified in a timely manner. 1.5 years in my opinion, is not timely. The apologist comment is of course meant as a friendly jibe, and no offense is meant (as per usual)

57 said:
The fact that the IPG is incorrect or has name changes that affect recordings, or power surges affect the unit have nothing to do with SA.
Nor do I hold them acountable for that, it ultimately falls to me to check if I have the things I want scheduled, but there have been at least a few times where my scheduled recordings have simply vanished (oddly enough, they didn't vanish after the power outage you mention at the top of this post), or the box has decided that it just doesn't want to record anymore. That's unacceptable. It's rediculous.

57 said:
Yes, it could be better, but even TiVo, which are the "benchmark" have some issues if you read the other forums - the issues may simply be different.
Oh, I have no doubt that the Tivo boxes have their issues as well, I don't know specifically which ones, but I do know that in general, they will fix them if possible.

57 said:
My "spreadsheet" is no different than creating a backup of my HDD on my computer. It comes in useful if/when something happens, which it almost inevitably will.
I actually like your spreadsheet idea, and have thought of implimenting it, but haven't quite gotten around to it yet.
laughssmiles said:
Are there any significant improvements between the 8000 and the 8300?
I could be wrong, but as far as I know, functionally, they should be almost identical now (with all the little 'issues' intact between them, such as the one you mentioned). However, the 8300 is *MUCH* faster, and more responsive than the 8000. It pains me to use an 8000 after using an 8300 for so long.

But you're not missing out on any new whiz-bang features by 'only' having the 8000...the 8300 is just as quirky.
nfitz said:
And I find the 8000HD speed just fine ... I'm sure if one got used to a faster unit, then one might think it is slow ... but it is nothing compared to when that horrid Wink application was running!
I guess speedwise it wasn't absolutely horrible, I just found it very unresponsive changing channels, deleting recordings, all that sort of thing. Just kind of felt bogged down.

When I went to the 8300HD, I was extremely happy with the speed and other 'new' features that the 8000(HD) didn't have at the time.

Regardless, as much as bitch and moan about this stupid, stupid, stupid box, I love having a PVR, and simply couldn't live without one. :)

Don't bring up Wink...I had almost...*ALMOST* forgotten about it. :)
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