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Check your DVRs - Scheduled Recordings Gone..

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There was a power surge on Rogers Friday around 5PM. Internet access was down for about 3 hours.

When I checked my DVR, all of the "all episode and timeslot" scheduled recordings were gone. The "one episode" ones were still there. I programmed them all back in and it seems to be fine.

I don't know which areas were affected, but make sure you check the scheduled recordings in your DVRs.

Luckily, I keep a list (spreadsheet) of my "usual" recordings/channels/times, etc. So putting them back only took about 5 minutes. Weird that only the "all episode and timeslot" recordings were affected.
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nathan said:
I think it's understood by now that 57 is a Scientific Atlanta apologist
This is not true. I understand how things work and understand that there's nothing in this world that's perfect. This is especially true of equipment that relies on software/firmware to operate.

The fact that the IPG is incorrect or has name changes that affect recordings, or power surges affect the unit have nothing to do with SA.

Yes, it could be better, but even TiVo, which are the "benchmark" have some issues if you read the other forums - the issues may simply be different.

My "spreadsheet" is no different than creating a backup of my HDD on my computer. It comes in useful if/when something happens, which it almost inevitably will.
...have you checked out the threads on the Motorola 6412/6208, or the *C DSR530? The things they don't do, or don't do right are much more significant than on SA.

Or the BEV PVRs that don't even have name-based recording and are simply glorified VCRs, etc? How long have those BEV PVRs been around?

When you read the forums on ALL of the equipment available, SA is not so bad. (no apologies and no offense taken) ;)
I've had the spreadsheet for some time now - probably 15 years. It came in handy when I had VCRs. Whenever the power was out for more than the built-in capacitor could handle (30 minutes or so), I'd have to reprogramme it with the 8 timers I had on it (and I had 3 VCRs, so often I'd need to reprogramme 24 timers).

The last few years, I had them hooked to a UPS - another "workaround".

Luckily, I haven't used VCRs since last June and two of them were sold.

Edit - I believe the latest VCR I bought didn't lose timers unless the power was out for quite a while, but it lost timers during the 13 hour failure we had a couple of years back...
The card sort of exists (although not for computers - but a "slot" could easily be made for a computer - it's called CableCARD). Do a search on the site. It's used in the US, but not in Canada yet. The card itself is only a "key" to unlock access to the channel. The rest of the "work" needs to be done using other electronics.

The issue of course is copyright - see the Digital Home FAQ "Recording HD".
This was in Saturday's Globe. I don't recall seeing a follow up.,++sortdate=20050528
Unplug it for a few minutes. Allow it to reboot. Wait about 1/2 hour for it to download everthing and all should be fine. If that doesn't work, try again, with it unplugged for 1/2 hour.

If that doesn't work, call for service.

For more information on the STB, see the Digital Home FAQ "Tips for SA STBs".
I was away recently for several weeks and set several manual "every Monday" recordings. Didn't take. Pain in the butt. I've missed very few recordings because of the way I usually set them up, but in these manual cases, they just "didn't take".

Had I set "in this timeslot" or "every episode" recordings (which have always worked for me, provided the title doesn't change), I would have had too many recordings and my HDD would have filled.

One of the things I wanted was 6' Under, luckily, the episodes are on again late this month. Soundstage will also probably be reshown...

Oh well.

Another Item I don't like is that I can't set it to record more than two weeks out. I've used my VCR a couple of times when I know a programme (F1 race) is 3 weeks out.
Eug, you should look at the following more recent thread...

Be sure to read the whole thread as there are some important recommendations in it on how to "workaround" the problems.
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