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Check your DVRs - Scheduled Recordings Gone..

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There was a power surge on Rogers Friday around 5PM. Internet access was down for about 3 hours.

When I checked my DVR, all of the "all episode and timeslot" scheduled recordings were gone. The "one episode" ones were still there. I programmed them all back in and it seems to be fine.

I don't know which areas were affected, but make sure you check the scheduled recordings in your DVRs.

Luckily, I keep a list (spreadsheet) of my "usual" recordings/channels/times, etc. So putting them back only took about 5 minutes. Weird that only the "all episode and timeslot" recordings were affected.
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JohnnyG said:
What I find really amazing about this is that this same unit - with the same problems - is installed in hundreds of thousands of homes across North America. You'd think the groundswell of complaints would beat SA into submission!
The groundswell of people probably do not use the box to its full capabilities and as such are not aware of some of its limitations. In addition, a lot of people are probably so happy just to have a PVR that they overlook a lot of the poor programming (software not broadcast that is).

Like I've said before, I love the basic functionality of the PVR but I truly dislike the implementation.
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