Ontario is a land of many contrasts. From the North with few roads and temperatures so cold you need a shelter at the end of your driveway to protect you in winter, to the drastically dense streets of Toronto where you might be caught wearing shorts in October, (depending on the year), you can encounter just about anything.

But when it comes to cell phone plans, you need consistency.

You want solid service, that’s always there to back you up. In a few words, the best.

For cell phone plans that will give you unlimited national calling, and at least 10 GB of data per month, check out these 5 best cell phone plans in Ontario:

Rogers Share Everything $395/month

If you want to get your friends and family on the same bill, a Share Everything Plan is for you. With Rogers’ Premium + Tab Share Everything Plan, you can share up to 60GB of data with up to 9 other people for $395.00 per month.

Get unlimited Canada-wide calling and messaging, access to Rogers GameCenter Live , Roam Like Home and your choice of 6 months free Spotify or Texture .

If you don’t travel much, Roam Like Home won’t benefit you, but if you do leave the country every so often, it can be a big plus. This feature allows you to search the Internet, and talk and send messages to other Canadian phones just as you would at home, when you’re abroad.

Spotify is a digital music service that gives you access to “millions of songs” and so if music is your thing, it’s a bonus. Rogers GameCenter Live is all about following NHL hockey in every moment possible, and for its part, Texture is an online magazine service that gives readers access to many more publications than you could ever read in any given month. Not so great for deep, intellectual discourse, true, but extremely useful for avid newsstand readers.

Rogers Share Everything $385/month

With Rogers’ Premium Tab Share Everything Plan you get the same features as the plan above, but you pay a little more for your phone, upfront.

Telus $325/month

With Telus, you can get an “iconic smartphone” with their Premium Plus plan, unlimited nationwide calling, and 40GB of shareable data for $325.00/month.

Like you can with Rogers, with Telus you can share your 40GB between multiple devices and people, for an equation that suits you best.

Telus $225/month

If you find that you don’t need nearly 40GB of data a month but you’d still like unlimited Canada-wide calling and a Premium Plus smartphone, you can sign up for half the data.

Choose 20 GB/month with Telus in place of 40, and with the same features as #3 and pay $225/month.

Bell $195/month

If you want to share your data but you don’t need to spread it over a crowd, a Bell plan with 15GB of monthly data could be the way to go.

With Bell, get a Premium Smartphone Plus plan with unlimited nationwide calling and 15GB of shareable data for $195.00/month.

Happy chatting.