This week, Facebook released the first film made with the company’s new Facebook Surround 360 3-D 360-degree camera system.

According to, the camera, which was introduced at Facebook’s F8  global developers’ conference this past April, has documented a short film set in New York’s Grand Central Station entitled, and Now[/URL] .

The film was made by members of Facebook’s creative studio, The Factory , including creative director Larry Corwin and executive producer Margaret McLaughlin.

The social networking site says that the work blurs the line between the viewer and the creator by engaging the viewer in a fully immersive stereoscopic 360 media experience.

Revolutionary or not? What sticks out most for this writer in viewing the film, is the sound. Without it, the full effect of multiple stories and characters passing by in front of the camera wouldn’t be so strong.

The 360 visual effect does allow for a lot to go on on-screen at the same time which is kind of neat, and the film does serve as an interesting tribute to Grand Central Station. Good thing it wasn’t torn down .

Did Facebook stage the film, or was it all 'real'? Who knows. a look and see for yourself[/URL] , it’s an interesting three and a half minutes.