Yes, this is how Bell is describing its new prepaid service: cheap and without astonishing curiosities.

Coming from a large telecom company in Canada, this is quite the promise. Really? Straightforward bills with no hidden “gems”?

It could be possible, given that you pay in advance for this one. (Maybe). Here’s what you should know about it:

What the Executives Say About It:

It’s always nice to hear it from the horse’s mouth. Blaik Kirby, President of Bell Mobility has this to say about the new service:

"Lucky Mobile is an all-new mobile service for people who want a straightforward, low-cost prepaid option that offers all the talk, text and data options they need. Whether you're a student or young person just entering the workforce, a senior on a fixed income, a new Canadian who hasn't yet built up a credit profile or anyone looking for the easiest and most affordable wireless experience, Lucky Mobile puts you in control.”

"There is fast-growing demand from many Canadians for new lost-cost mobile options, and Lucky Mobile is here to lead the way,” he adds.

How Much It Costs:

Monthly plans start at $20 and include unlimited talk, text, call display, call waiting and 3-way calling.

Monthly mobile data options are also available at 3G-equivalent access speeds.

How Easy It Is to Get:

There’s no credit check involved in this one, nor is there a long-term commitment or any pay-per-use charges involved.

Where It Will Be Available:

Lucky is launching first in Ontario, Alberta and BC.

You can find it at Walmart, Wireless Wave, TBooth wireless, Wireless etc., Cellular Point, Visions Electronics and select The Source locations or by calling 1-833-88-LUCKY.

Features Coming Soon, But Not Here Quite Yet:

A mobile app that will enable talk and text over Wi-Fi is coming in 2018, but isn’t yet available for use.