Need a new creative outlet? Want to paint, but don’t have a brush? Try Tilt Brush , Google’s new virtual reality app that allows users to “paint from an entirely new perspective,” in three-dimensional space.

As Google states, “Your room is a blank slate. You can step around, in and through your drawings as you go. And, because it’s in virtual reality, you can even choose to use otherwise-impossible materials like fire, stars or snowflakes.”

In order to explore what’s possible with the app, this past year Google brought techies and artists together at The Lab in Google’s Cultural Institute in Paris.

Check out what they came up with:

With one hand dedicated to selecting things like tools, colors and effects, the other is free to draw lines and forms in the 3D space.

Tilt Brush works on Steam for the HTC Vive .

Want some inspiration? Check out #TiltBrush on Twitter for even more art created with Tilt Brush.