Are you an avid e-reader? Do you wish you were, or are buying for someone who is? Amazon can help you out.

The online retailer is now offering a Reader’s Edition of the Fire HD 8 . For just $250, buyers receive a Kindle and a year's worth of books from Kindle Unlimited, all wrapped in a classic leather cover.

It’s a good deal-comparatively, buying the Kindle Unlimited subscription by itself will run you $120 for a year’s worth of reading.

What else do you get? The Kindle in this offer comes with Amazon’s new "Blue Shade" feature, making it easier for readers to read at night.

The software update is a tool that reduces the blue light coming through on screens, allowing you to read past sunset and not wreck your sleeping patterns by looking at a screen before going to bed.

Science says that the blue light emitted from our devices screens messes up our sleeping habits. Users can alter Blue Shade’s colour settings to suit their needs, with an ‘ultra-low’ brightness level included.

And on an additional note, it’s not all for adults this holiday season. Amazon is also bringing a kid-friendly browser to Fire tablets, giving parents more tools for controlling how their children use their slates. A cheap $50 Fire tablet can be perfect for children’s e-reading.

The Reader’s Edition of the Fire HD 8 is available for pre-order now.