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It's difficult to understand the people who say chat-r is s copy of Wind and Mobilicity and then put chat-r down for not having data.

When the chat-r website went live yesterday morning there was a note in the FAQ section that data would be coming in the future (can't remember if it said "soon"). By late afternoon, the FAQ had been re-written to say chat-r does not offer data because the goal is to serve subscribers with basic voice and text needs. I would have to interpret that change to mean data is not on the near horizon, ...
Whatever the FAQ says, the only purpose of Chatr is to kill the new entrants. I can't believe they dared to launch such an unlawful action in such an open and shameless manner, I guess they want to test Canada's anti-monopoly legislation.
As for data and voice mail and other changes - their strategy is more than obvious too. If Wind and Mobilicity still exist, and the courts haven't shut Chatr yet, they will add data. If the mission is accomplished before that, they won't bother. With or without court order, Chatr will disappear very soon, or its customers will be forced to accept the same Rogers rates - Rogers have already done that with Fido, they know the drill.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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