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Channels go black

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I have Eastlink Digital Cable, and more often than not (as of the last few weeks), I'll be watching TV and all of a sudden the screen goes pink and fuzzy for about one second then goes black. My cable box stays on, it still says the channel and if I press anything on the remote the light flickers on my cable box so it still responds, but just won't show a picture.. On occasion if I fiddle with the cable cords and unplug it, plug it into my modem, plug it into the tv, etc. I might get my cable back, but it's only temporary.

Any ideas?
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Yeah call Eastlink tech support. Eastlink can diagnose your issues and send a tech out if necessary.
Pink colour is often an indication of a poor connection. Please provide us with the makes/models of all your equipment and which connections you're using.

Here's a key to the connections:

Here's a list of things to check:

Black Channels may also be a poor signal. Here's the FAQ on checking signal, which your provider can also do.

Once you get things sorted out, check out the following useful post:
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