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Discovery Civilization to become Discovery Science Aug 27
Discovery Science is launching on Sept. 27 not Aug.27

Why does this channel need an extra month to launch?!

Vanessa (Adult French channel) SD & HD to launch October 28, 2010, no official providers listed but Videotron
I thought Videotron was unofficially announced as the first carrier for this channel?! If its launching then that means someone has agreed to pick it up or else it wouldn't be launching.

So it appears this is going to be the defacto replacement for Sex TV from the description it doesn't appear to be a porn channel but rather a channel about sexuality that might air some adult films late at night- is that correct?!

I get the feeling by Christmas 2010, there maybe one or two more rebrands coming. As to which stations they might be that I don't.
I think Book Television might be next on the list for an overhaul or possible sale. It has become a dumping ground for old Drive-in Classics programming and has been neglected by CTVgm.
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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