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So in the next two months we getting(depending on your provide)where getting one new channel and 4 rebranding (or new ones depending how you look at it).

Global Reality July 1 Rogers(not sure if others will pick it up?) Still no word on what channel it will be on ,on Rogers.

Discovery HD to become Discovery World HD Aug 2

TV LAND to become Comedy Gold Aug 2

Discovery Civilization to become Discovery Science Aug 27

Investigation Discovery(I'm not sure if this is a rebranding of Court TV or new channel) Aug 30

So at least in the next two months those changes are coming assuming no other rebranding or your provider add channels they don't already have that others providers carry.

I don't know if this will improve TV watch or not, but why do I get the feeling this isn't the last of "Rebranding" of specialty stations? I get the feeling by Christmas 2010, there maybe one or two more rebrands coming. As to which stations they might be that I don't.

Will these rebranding improve TV? not sure :eek: Time will tell.

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List is incomplete, unless you targetted Ontario viewers only...

- Playhouse Disney Télé (French) to launch July 5, 2010 on BellTV only
- Mystère (French) to become Addik TV for the fall season
- Channel Zero will give a name to CJNT-TV Montreal: Metro 14
- Vanessa (Adult French channel) SD & HD to launch October 28, 2010, no official providers listed but Videotron and Cogeco Quebec and BellTV are logic choices.
True enough.

I'm not sure if Rogers,Shaw-Cable/Sat,BTV or few others will add those channels you mentioned or not only time will tell.

Personally I hope Rogers adds those along with others presently not available, but thats only me.

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The term rebranding is really being abused.

Rebranding is the changing of your brand identification. A good example is Astral who recently changed their logo and how they would market themselves, "Astral" vs. "Astral Media. Brand is a marketing term. When a product or company changes their brand image, the product typically is unchanged.

The changes being discussed here are primarily the demise of one station and the creation of a new station.

For example, moving from Sex TV to W or Drive-Classics to Sundance was not rebranding. They were new stations under new owners who were simply using old licences to get around a bureaucratic maze called the CRTC and maintain carriage on various providers.

In some cases, such as Discovery Civilization to Discovery Science, the better analogy might come from radio and we could call it a "format change" or a tweaking of formats.
Well I don't want to get into a debate or arguement Hugh over rebrabding vs New channels(name), I guess its all on how one interpets the meaning "rebranding".

In any case either way rebranding or New(name)Channel it aoll comes down to programing? Wil the "change"

1) effect viewer ratings
2)more profit for channel
3)the most important one,will consumers/subs like the "change"

Like I said I don't want to get into "talking/slaming/arguement" of Rebranding vs New(name)Channel,thasts up to each individual on how she or he views the subject at hand, the bottom linre the programing he provider is tring to present the viewer.
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