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The term rebranding is really being abused.

Rebranding is the changing of your brand identification. A good example is Astral who recently changed their logo and how they would market themselves, "Astral" vs. "Astral Media. Brand is a marketing term. When a product or company changes their brand image, the product typically is unchanged.

The changes being discussed here are primarily the demise of one station and the creation of a new station.

For example, moving from Sex TV to W or Drive-Classics to Sundance was not rebranding. They were new stations under new owners who were simply using old licences to get around a bureaucratic maze called the CRTC and maintain carriage on various providers.

In some cases, such as Discovery Civilization to Discovery Science, the better analogy might come from radio and we could call it a "format change" or a tweaking of formats.
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