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I noticed that since the channel re-alignment was done over a month ago, I will often hear a commercial here and there of an artist plugging a station such as 50 cent or what not saying something like "Shade 45 - The Hype is Real - Sirius 45, XM 66" When it is no longer found on 66 on the XM dial.

It's obvious the commercial was recorded in the past and the producers did not know about the channel number possibly changing in the future.

However, why dont they simply edit the commercial? I know with some skilled editing, they can make the artist appear to say "Sirius" + "XM" + "45" though it "might" not sound as natural to the trained ear.
or even better, they can cut out the station call signs and channel numbers from the commercials, and just have the artist give the normal commercial ad, and , then do a different voice over for the proper station call sign at the end, doesnt have to be the same person.

Same with other stations, not just limited to Shade45, they also periodically have commercial ads that still reference the OLD station ID pre-re-alignment.

You think with todays day and age this would not happen any more? they knew about the merger for how many years now in the US of A?
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