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My apology if I am posting in the wrong spot. Please move as required.

Let me start with I DO NOT recommend Channel One Antenna Installers owned by Martin McDonald.
The issues with Mr. McDonald are that he is slow to complete work and very expensive.
To keep it short, after installing a new tower, antennas and poles, the first wind storm of the winter bent the pole and it was at risk of hitting the neighbour's house. Channel One did eventually come and take the pole down. He indicated what was needed and the costs attached. I provided payment in full. That was in January. In spite of multiple emails and phone messages he still had not come to finish by the end of May. He provided a variety of excuses including that he had taken on other work in Ottawa and was running behind with that work.
My experience is that he always slow to respond, slow to get work done and expensive. There are several Better Business Bureau complaints against him.
I hired someone else to do the work. Dr. Antenna did show up on time and did the work in three hours.
I am trying to get the outstanding money I am owned from Channel One...wish me luck.
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