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Channel 3014?

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Hmm... a new channel seems to have popped up. Channel 3014. There's no broadcast, label, or programming yet. Speculation?
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I don't see any such channel here. Are you sure you got the right forum? Perhaps this was supposed to be posted in the Shaw Direct forum.
Even with Shaw direct I don't think they have channels in the 3000's numbering. Also, if there's no broadcasting, label or programming yet what is it showing that makes you think it's going to be a new channel? Is it showing on the on screen guide?
hmm... that is weird. No channel 3014 here either.
I think there was an update with the last guide update that allowed for channel numbers with 4 digits. There was some testing of channel numbers in the guide in the 1000's not long ago (black screen no audio).

As far as I am aware there are no plans to utilize 4 digit channel numbers at this point in time.
It was there here in Calgary the other day as I checked when I read the OP but I see it is gone now.
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