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I am presently using a SonicView HD 8000 set top box, along with a Moteck SG2100 H-H dish motor. The setup works well, except for the satfile. I am a lazy guy who likes to use USALS so the motor will go directly to the satellite's azimuth as indicated in the satfile.

As supplied by SonicView, the satfile has some significant errors and omissions on the satellite name / azimuth. However, the SonicView official website has no updated satfile. They do have a satellite parameter editor called Chanmaster that will allow you to edit the transponders and their parameters. Unfortunately, my slow old brain can't seem to figure out how to create a new or edit an existing satellite name / azimuth.

Does anybody know how to do this? Any help would be appreciated.


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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