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remote location and lack of DPP LNBF

I live in the Arctic, and here we need the 1.2M dishes, so the DPP doesnt catch enough signal and you need to install a second 1.2M dish. That being said, Bell doesn't have a store up here and the Source doesnt deal with the dishes any more, so there are few options available. I have a 9241 and I am looking for a way to deal with a single input. Suggestions are welcome. I will note that on my system, when i look under preferences, there is not a "Record Plus" option, and it seems that it is set permanently to TV2. Are there any other ways to change this?

Is it possible to just split the one feed from the dish into the 2 inputs? If the answer is an obvious no, just remember that I havent got a clue about how these gizmos work, nor do I know what the jargon means until I look it up. I would like full functionality and may consider installing an additional dish in the spring when winter is over.

In the mean time, I am open to other options and ideas.

Cheers from 63 degrees north lattitude.
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