Sling Media, makers of the popular Sling Box and Sling Catcher, this week announced the SlingBox 700U in Las Vegas this week.

The company says the device is the fastest way for television service providers to add Slingbox capabilities to existing cable or satellite set top boxes.

If cable satellite companies chose to enable the functionality, users would simply plug the Slingbox 700U in the USB port of their existing set-top box and within minutes users would have Sling Box capabilities.

In Canada, the first provider to possibly take advantage of the new device is Bell TV whose satellite receivers are manufactured by EchoStar, the same company which owns Sling Media.

"Television service providers are constantly looking for ways to deliver new and exciting services to satisfy existing customers and attract new customers," said John M. Paul, executive vice president of Products at Sling Media. "The surprisingly small, easy-to-install Slingbox 700U delivers 'TV Everywhere' services at a low acquisition and installation cost because it connects via USB on the existing set-top box and self-configures."

The Slingbox 700U is powered through a USB connection which removes the need for any other wires or connectors. In real time, the Slingbox 700U decrypts incoming video, transcodes it and then re-encrypts it for secure transmission over a home network or the Internet.

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