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CD vs MP3 Quality.

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In an OTA thread yesterday, several people brought up this issue. Those posts were deleted since they hijacked an OTA thread.

I'd like to start that "debate" again here. (the people who were discussing digital vs analogue cameras in that thread may do the same in a new thread) ;)

If I recall the gist of what people were saying, they were stating that MP3s were better than CDs because 128 is higher than 44.

I believe people have got bitrate and sampling frequency mixed up...
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mp3 quality, I find, varies on the bitrate and how many times it's been downladed, transfered or 'whored out'

I've had a few 320kps mp3s that were passed around a few times still exhibit a digital "hiss" as I'll call it. not noticeable 100% of the time or through cheap headphones. But definitly noticeable on my home stereo and computer headphones
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