CBC Television’s popular comedy show "This Hour Has 22 Minutes" returns for its 19th season on Tuesday, September 13 at 8:30 pm

This season Shaun Majumder rejoins cast members Mark Critch, Geri Hall and Cathy Jones to satirize Canadian politics and daily events. Majumder had left the show last season to appear in ABC's Detroit 1-8-7, an American crime drams which was cancelled after one season.

In the season premiere, Mark Critch helps recently retired news anchor Lloyd Robertson find a new job while the rest of the team digs deep to investigate who's really behind the NDP/Liberal Party merger rumours, with Liberal Party Interim Leader Bob Rae, former NDP Leader Ed Broadbent, MPs Robert Chisholm, Pat Martin and Carolyn Bennett, and potential NDP leadership candidate Brian Topp.

Launched in 1993 during Canada's 35th general election, the show's format is a mock news program, intercut with comic sketches, parody commercials and humorous interviews of public figures. The on-location segments are frequently filmed with slanted camera angles.

The show's name is a parody of This Hour Has Seven Days, a CBC newsmagazine from the 1960s; the "22 Minutes" refers to the fact that a half-hour television program is typically 22 minutes long with eight minutes of commercials.

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