Canada's National public broadcaster was named "Broadcaster of the Year" and a sizeable number of CBC Radio programs took home medals at the 2010 New York Festivals International Radio Awards last weekend in New York City.

The win marks the fourth time in five years CBC radio has won the coveted award.

A total of 17 CBC Radio programs were awarded medals including the coveted Grand Award gold medal, which went to The Current for its documentary, "Twice Lost" on a brother and sister's fractious relationship. Another six CBC programs received finalist honours.

Complete list of winners

"The breadth of programming held up for distinction by these awards is truly remarkable and a wonderful testament to the depth of programming choices that CBC provides to our audiences. We are deeply honoured," said Denise Donlon, general manager of CBC Radio.

The complete list of CBC medal winners is as follows:

Grand Award
The Current - "Twice Lost"

Dispatches - "Shoveling the Rain Away"
Ideas - "Message In a Bottle"
Q - "Leonard Cohen in Three Acts"
Sunday Edition - "Risky Business"

A & E - "Afghanada" (3 episodes)
CBC Edmonton - "No Money Christmas"
CBC National Radio News -"Braidwood Enquiry"
CBC Ottawa - "Debts of Gratitude"
Music - "In Tune"

CBC Radio News - "Polar Prom"
Ideas - "The Evolution of Charles Darwin"
Ideas - "Shadow on Sparks Street"
The Sunday Edition - "20 Pieces of Music That Changed the World"

Finalist Certificates

CBC Radio Promos - "Brain in Love"
The Current - "Haiti Special"
Go! - "Let Borel Order the Wine"
Outfront - "Kol Nidre in Kabul"
ReVision Quest - "Jesus vs. Nanabush"
The Sunday Edition - "News 2.0"

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