Listenership was up in September CBC Radio across Canada, with particularly strong showings in Calgary, Vancouver and Toronto, and for the network overall, according to PPM results.

CBC Radio One captured a 9.2 share, its highest since November 2009, while CBC Radio 2 captured a 2.5 share in the five PPM markets.

Combined it means that about one out of every nine hours of radio listened to in Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Toronto and Montreal was to the CBC. that

During an average week, Radio One reached of 4.9 million listeners while Radio 2 reached 2.1 million listeners. For the first time, the combined services reached over 6 million Canadians in an average week (6,177,000).

In Toronto, where competition for radio listeners is the greatest, CBC Radio One remains very strong, with a 9.8 weekly share overall. That means almost 10% of all the radio listening in the Toronto market goes to Radio One. Metro Morning is the leading morning show with a 16.6 share.

The public broadcaster also is having considerable success on the web with Radio receiving more than five million page views over one million unique visitors for the month. On-demand streams are up 17% since the beginning of the season. In September, there were 5.7 million podcast initiations, and iPhone/iPad users launched the CBC Radio app 493,753 times.

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