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From CRTC website:

1. Across Canada
Application 2010-0554-6
Application by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) to amend the broadcasting licence for the national specialty service Newsworld (CBC News Network) to permit it to carry a limited amount of regionally distinct programming.
To implement this change to its service, the CBC is requesting the following condition of licence:
The licensee shall be permitted to provide separate regional programming in place of its national service provided that the hours devoted to such regional programming do not exceed 10% of the licensee’s programming over the broadcast day. The licensee is permitted to simulcast that separate programming with the CBC Television Network.
The CBC stated that the news programming would be unique to the B.C. feed of CBC News Network and would give audiences in B.C. an opportunity to access more regionally relevant news programming.
Further, the CBC confirmed that all programming available on the regional feed would continue to be subject to its existing conditions of licence, including the restriction that all advertising be paid national advertising.
Is this separate feed needed to address the fact that their is no CBC transmitter in Kamloops since CFJC lost its affiliation with the CBC?

Or is this to make CBC News Network less Ontario centric during the overnight hours (Eastern time zone)?

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Since its BC-only, I'm guessing it has to do with leveraging the CBC's newest star, Tony Parsons, who has been the highest watched news anchor in the province for decades (first with BCTV, which later became part of Global). When Tony arrived at CHEK and then joined CBC News as part of a sharing deal between those broadcasters, Ian Hannomansing was moved over into a "regional reporter" role (also as main fill-in for Peter Mansbridge on The National) so CBC BC News has been on the upswing lately. My guess is that they are simply trying to make the most of that, strictly in BC.

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I'm not sure what, if anything, this would have to do with CFJC in Kamloops (or CKPG in Prince George for that matter). CBC News Network is not an OTA service, so if they added BC-based programming in BC, OTA viewers still wouldn't see it.

It's a good idea though.
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