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September 17, 2018 – In order to better inform young Canadians and foster media literacy, CBC is offering two new digital-first news platforms for kids and young adults, including CBC Kids News, a new site launching today, and CBC News Snapchat Discover, which began rolling out on September 5.

Launching today and targeted to kids aged 9 - 13, CBC Kids News covers local, national and international stories that are relevant to Canadian kids in a safe and age-appropriate manner with a focus on media literacy. Managed by a seasoned team of journalists who will consult with an editorial board of young Canadians from across the country, the platform will include stories from Canadian contributors aged 9-16.

With content pillars including news, sports, pop culture, science, technology, animals and the environment, CBC Kids News will publish approximately 20 stories per week in the initial launch version of the service, with a goal to increase content over time. Stories will include a mix of formats including text and image pieces, video, photo galleries, audience submissions, quizzes and polls. The editorial team will consult with a range of experts, educators and researchers to offer additional resources and information, and ensure that all content is relevant, accurate, reliable and age-appropriate. The website is an extension of CBC's trusted news brand under the framework of the public broadcaster's Journalistic Standards and Practices.

Additionally, CBC News has launched on the Snapchat Discover platform, making CBC the first daily news Canadian publisher featured on the app. Targeted to teen and millennial Canadians aged 13 and older, to date more than 70 percent of the CBC News audience on Snapchat is aged 24 or younger. Five times per week, Snapchat users can access CBC News editions created exclusively for the social platform, with each edition containing two to three different segments. Each edition of CBC News on Discover is highly visual, with motion graphics and video. Editions aim to present original and constructive journalism and fresh angles on daily news, including a focus on media literacy. Unlike most personal Snapchat posts, CBC News content doesn’t expire after 24 hours. Previously aired editions are always available using Snapchat's Search feature. Snapchat reaches over 10 million users in Canada.

Later this fall, CBC will also launch culture and entertainment editions once per week on the Snapchat Discover platform, spanning topics including pop culture, lifestyle, health and more.

See Full Press Release.
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