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CBC HNIC Feed - stereo audio only?

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I have noticed this in the past, a Hockey night in Canada broadcast with nothing, and I mean nothing in the center channel for 5 channel Dolby Digital. Tonight, a new low: no audio feed for the surround channels at all. That's in addition to the center channel having zilch. Has anyone else noticed this? The talking heads between periods get 5 channel audio, but the actual game, nothing but 2 channels.

Could this be just my feed/area, or are others noticing this as well.
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The Leaf/Flyer game just started the third period and the feed is back to 2 channels only on the HD channel. I changed channels and immediately got 5 channel audio, back to the CBCHD channel and 2 channel audio.

I have no idea if it's just the west coast, or just Shaw or what, but it's not impressive.
Thanks for your response. Hopefully as HD gets more common broadcasts like this will become a thing of the past. My high end receiver couldn't even matrix 7.1 out of the signal. At least with standard def programing you can still get 7.1.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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