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CBC HNIC Feed - stereo audio only?

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I have noticed this in the past, a Hockey night in Canada broadcast with nothing, and I mean nothing in the center channel for 5 channel Dolby Digital. Tonight, a new low: no audio feed for the surround channels at all. That's in addition to the center channel having zilch. Has anyone else noticed this? The talking heads between periods get 5 channel audio, but the actual game, nothing but 2 channels.

Could this be just my feed/area, or are others noticing this as well.
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Improperly encoded audio happens a fair bit on PBS and CBC because they always send out a DD5.1 signal, even when the original material only contains 2 channels. Most broadcasters send out DD2.0 or DD5.1/5.0. With the improperly encoded audio, you get the LF & RF channel and sometimes, if they really screw up you get no dialogue due to the missing center. See the following FAQ, item 1. Workarounds are also discussed in the FAQ.
It could if you sent the audio to the AVR via the analogue audio connection (this could be parallel to your existing connection and could be chosen by the AVR) or set the STB to PCM as outlined in the FAQ. If, however, the center channel track was removed by the broadcaster by mistake, then the dialogue may still be missing, even though you matrix the audio, in which case you could CC the programme, also as outlined in the FAQ.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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