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CBC Bold HD World Cup - not free view on Cogeco?

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I'm sure many others have seen the scraw ont he bottom on the half-time shows of the games of CBC saying Bold HD is on "free view" on Rogers, cogeco, etc.

I do not subscribe to this station, and it does not look like it is on Free View. I have on 166 "subscription required" and on 759 "not authorized", and as others have said, the guide says "to be announced".

Is the free view on another channel I cannot find?
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I didn't even know Cogeco offered Bold in HD. I might have to call up and get that activated.
same here in Kingston area. I assumed bold would be available for free for the duration of the World Cup.....apparently not!
PS. Anyone just feel an earthquake?
Any confirmation yet if they have Bold HD available? I'd rather not have to call in if I can avoid it haha
yes bold hd is available, although the guide shows everything as "to be announced". i don't know about it being on a free preview though
No free view for Bold

Now the CBC crawl instructs you how to order Biold from your provider.....
I am in Burlington and I can't see this CBC Bold HD channel anywhere in my guide, free view or not...
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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