Toronto based e-Radio-Inc. and CBC Radio announced last week they have successfully tested a new technology which uses the FM airwaves to control household appliances at energy-saving times of the day.

The e-Radio technology works by embedding a computer chip inside an appliance turning it into a "smart appliance".

The value of a smart appliance is that it can be programmed to start on its own when electricity rates are at their lowest. For example, a homeowner could load his or her dishwasher, washing machine or clothes dryer at 6:00pm, which is peak demand time and walk away.

Later in the evening, when electricity rates are lower, a signal would be broadcast from an FM radio station, in this case the CBC, which alerts the appliances that it is now time to turn on.

CBC/Radio-Canada’s FM signals are ideal in Canada since they reach close to 99% of the Canadian population. The company's say the added information has no effect on the quality of the radio signal.

“This is an innovative way for CBC/Radio-Canada to maximize the use of its radio infrastructure for the benefit of both Canadian consumers and the environment, without affecting the quality our radio service,” said Michel Tremblay, Senior Vice-President, Corporate Strategy & Business Partnerships. “ We’re proud to help pioneer this new made-in-Canada innovation.”

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